Nautical-themed Weddings

33501e479e439ede1da48fd98e7874deWhen planning a wedding sometimes the standard convention hall isn’t everyone’s style. Or maybe couples want to do something for their big day that’s totally creative and original. More and more couples are planning nautical-themed weddings as a way to combine their love of all things sea with the people they love!

Nautical-themed weddings have always been a popular option when it comes to planning summer nuptials – and it’s not hard to see why. There’s something special about having your wedding on the lake with the open air surrounding you while you and your closet friends and family dance the night away.

Afraid your guests will get seasick but still want to be able to have that cool nautical theme? Not to worry, big social media sites like Pinterest have got you covered. With the popularity of these sites, unique weddings have become a frenzy in the event planning world.

Consider some of these simple ideas when it comes to making your day unique; a special knot tying ceremony during your vows, seashell place card holders, mini telescopes for wedding favours…the possibilities are endless! The photography will also capture your amazing day and night with a background to truly remember.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your big day be sure to check out websites like Pinterest. It’s a great resource to search for ideas and see how others have planned a nautical theme.


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