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Planning an event can be stressful. The list of details to consider can be endless but with the help of so many online apps and resources, event planning has become a fast-paced breeze. Here are some great tools you can use to help plan your next event.

1. For our Epic Cruises launch party back in June we decided to go modern with our invitations and sent out e-vites. Not only does it help the environment by eliminating the use of a paper but it also costs $0 to use. We used a neat site called Punchbowl. The great thing about Punchbowl, unlike Facebook events, is that you can set restrictions, deadlines, reminders and it also allows you to create guest lists. Punchbowl also has an iPhone app but some have found the app version lacking when compared to the website.

2. Event Holler is an up and coming online event planning database that we are very excited about! This website allows you to create events and set up your ticketing system BUT the coolest part about this site is that it has a database of promoters who will help you sell tickets for your event. For every ticket they sell, they take a small percentage and you decide how much they get. No more hounding your promoters for money, everything is done online!

3. Bento does not just help you organize your events it also helps you keep track of your life! Everything from event planning, contact databases and exercise logs, this fantastic app has an endless list of free templates you can use at your convenience.

4. If you are a professional event planner/caterer and are looking for an all-in-one client database, proposal/contract generating, invoice making machine, then Total Party Planner is for you. You can customize all your documents such as contracts and invoices with your company’s logo and information. It generates everything including finances, payments due, staff schedules and sales forecasts. The best part about this program is that everything is online. You could get the desktop version, but why?  Everything is backed up onto their servers so you don’t ever have to worry about losing any information. It takes a bit of practice to use TPP, but their support team is very responsive and helpful.

Whether you are a professional event coordinator or just planning your next soirée, there are websites and apps that can help make the process less chaotic. There are many more event planning tools out there but we hope that these four will help get you started.

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